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Tbilisi, Georgia, December 22, 2017

Aim Texas Overseas Management Group (AIMOMG) has been shortlisted in Construction Supervision tender of Dzirula-Kharagauli-Moliti-Pona-Chumateleti Secondary Road (46375-002; SRP/CS/QCBS-01 – ) Improvement project funded by ADB as a Sole Consultant.

The Request for Proposal of the project has been addressed to the following shortlisted consultants:

Road Department of Georgia

Name of the Consultant (Full

Name Not Acronym)

Country of


Type of Association

(Lead/JV member or Subconsultant.)

Type of the legal entity

(Private Firm, State-

Owned (SOE) or NGO)

1 Hill International N.V. NET Lead Private
PMCG – Policy and

Management Consulting Group

GEO JV Member Private
DB Engineering & Consulting GER JV Member Private
2 TPF Getinsa Euroestudios, S.L SPA Lead Private
Padeco CO., Ltd. JPN JV Member Private
3 Egis International FRA Lead Private
4 Pyunghwa Engineering

Consultants Ltd.

KOR Lead Private
Yooshin Engineering


KOR JV Member Private
Road Rehabilitation and

Modernization Supervision

Direction Ltd

GEO JV Member Private
5 Aim Texas Trading, LLC USA Lead Private
6 SMEC International Pty Ltd AUS Lead Private
Leader + GEO Sub-consultant Private

The proposed project focuses on about 50 kilometers (km) of a secondary road in central Georgia that provides access to about 23,000 people living in the municipality of Kharagauli, and an additional 7,000 people in the 13 villages along the road alignment. The project road connects Kharagauli to the East West highway which is the main international transport corridor that traverses all the major cities of Georgia.

Project Location in the Country

In future, the project road could serve as an alternative route, as required by Georgian legislation, in the event that the section of the East-West Highway that parallels the project is to be tolled. Villages along the road are not accessible during winter and are suffering from substantial out-migration and lack of employment opportunities. The poor condition of the road also prevents emergency vehicles from accessing the villages during most adverse weather conditions.

The proposed project will rehabilitate and upgrade the existing road to two-lane all- weather standard to the extent possible within the existing road formation to minimize land acquisition and resettlement.

Alignment of Road Section in Lots

Scope of Services:
At the beginning of the assignment, the Consultant should review contract and design and inform the Client of the defects and gaps that he would find in the contract arrangements. Then the Consultant is expected to provide both overall management and supervision of the works contracts and to suggest appropriate amendments to reduce the Client’s risk and cost as necessary, keeping at the same time the highest quality standards enforced for the works.

The following activities are foreseen to be carried out before commencement of construction works:

1. Road Safety (Design) Audit
2. Review and Update of the Detailed Design Documents
3. Preparation of Supervision Manual
4. Vibration Impact Assessment and Construction Vibration Mitigation Plan

The Consultant will undertake all of the duties required of the Engineer to ensure that the contracts are constructed and completed in accordance with their provisions. The main tasks of the Consultant will include but are not limited to the following:
• review the project’s detailed designs to identify any significant aspects that require amendment before construction commences.
• Based on this review, and the Employer’s decisions, accept the designs as suitable for construction.
• ensure that the contractors’ topographical survey and cross sections to be used for working drawings, as-built drawings and measurement purposes comply with the requirements of the specifications.
• check and approve the contractors’ road and bridge construction methods and program for both temporary and permanent structures.
• develop a comprehensive system of inspection checking and recording to ensure compliance of all works with the specifications.
• develop interim and final measurement and payment systems; establish a monitoring system for costs to date, and costs to completion; providing a system for the preparation of interim and final payment certificates.
• provide day-to-day supervision and inspection of works on site; maintaining by the supervision staff of a site diary covering all contractors’ activities, and recording site conditions.
• prior to commencement of works, approve the contractors’ construction plans including traffic management and traffic control arrangements, proposed public and private haul and access routes, together with the contractors’ arrangements for maintenance and reinstatement of the same, borrow locations, working areas, materials stockpile areas, materials mixing, and processing areas, etc.
• review, commenting upon, and accept the contractors’ quality assurance plans and procedures; assisting the contractors with establishing on-site and laboratory-based quality control, testing, and reporting procedures for all construction, workmanship, and materials; supervising the contractors in implementation of the quality assurance plans.
• together with the contractors, and public utility agencies, identify all utility services (electricity, telecommunication, and water), if any, within the right-of-way that are to be protected and marked to avoid damage, or relocated, as required by the works.
• assist the RD in implementing and monitoring the project’s land acquisition and resettlement plan.
• receive and comment on and ultimately approving the contractors’ environmental management plan.
• monitor the contractors’ programs and costs to completion and providing advice to the Employer on procedures necessary to complete the works within the time and cost stated in the works contract.
• prepare reports and provide assistance, as necessary and as required, to the Disputes Board and during any subsequent arbitration procedures.
• conduct on-site workshops and providing comprehensive technical guidelines to staff of the Road Department, and to the national consultants, in contract administration, measurement and certification, construction supervision, quality control, in-situ and laboratory testing and reporting, monitoring and appliance of environmental and social safeguards; monitoring and implementation of the resettlement plan, and other activities as required.
• conduct monthly Contract Site Meetings, to be attended by representatives of the Employer and the contractor; attending and making presentations at progress coordination meetings and similar progress reviews.
• provide the Employer with complete records and assisting the contractor with providing “As Built” drawings for the contracts; certifying completion and taking over of part or all of the works; and
• prepare Final Payment Certificates, Taking Over Certificates, and Performance Certificates, to the timing of, and as required by, the contract, and advising the Employer on the release of all contractors’ securities and retentions.

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