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Haiti, November 17, 2017

Aim Texas Trading, LLC Overseas Management Group has attended a tender in providing consulting services in Consortium with INSTITUT DES SCIENCES, DES TECHNOLOGIES ET DES ÉTUDES AVANCÉES D’HAÏTI (ISTEAH),

Haiti and Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity at SMU (HI-SMU), Dallas Texas, USA, whereas Aim Texas is the Lead Consultant for Realization of Hydrogeological and Geophysical Studies for the Implementation and Supervision of Drilling Works in the Great South, North-West and Central Regions (SCF-DP No. 13-06/17) under Drinking Water and Sustainable Sanitation in Rural Environment (EPARD) Project of Haiti.

The Republic of Haiti, via the National Directorate of Drinking Water and Sanitation (DINEPA), beneficiary of the DON D068-HT of the World Bank for the implementation of the Program Drinking Water and Sustainable Sanitation in Rural Areas (EPARD), intends to use part of the amount of this grant to make payments under the contract to carry out hydrogeological and geophysical survey missions for the implementation and supervision of drilling and implementation works. a means of dewatering at the level of the localities of 200 water points as part of a drilling campaign in the North-West and Central Departments, and also in the Great South region (Southern, Central and Sud’Est, Nippes and Grande Anse).

DINEPA wishes to recruit one (or two) firm (s) or firm (s) with the required qualifications and relevant experience to carry out hydrogeological and geophysical studies for the establishment and supervision of 200 wells equipped with manual pumps or pumps solar powered.

The duration of the mission is 16 months (4 months for the preparation of the files, the communication, the start of the activities of reinforcement of the Irrigators Associations and 12 months for the actual realization of the activities).

Consortium Partner

Institut des Sciences, des Technologies et des Études Avancées d’Haïti (ISTEAH)

     The Institute of Science, Technology and Advanced Studies of Haiti (ISTEAH) was created in 2013 by the Group of Reflection and Action for a New Haiti (GRAHN-World). The institute obtained its operating license on January 14, 2013, and its Certificate of Accreditation from the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP) on March 31, 2014. Since July 1, 2015, ISTEAH is recognized as public utility by the Haitian State.

ISTEAH is a prestigious academic institution dedicated to advance studies and graduate programs only in Haiti.  ISTEAH has 210 faculty and administrators with Ph.D. degree serving more than 800 Haitian students.  Most of these students are also professional at many different institutions in Haiti.  ISTEAH is a highest quality Haitian source to take part in the execution of the project.  Through, ISTEAH`s involvement, the experience will be transferred to Haitian graduate students.

Consortium Partner

Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity (SMU, Dallas) 

   Hunter & Stephanie Hunt Institute for Engineering & Humanity was founded in 2009 to solve the most pressing problems of humanity. Today, the Institute continues focusing on developing sustainable and affordable technologies and solutions addressing the challenges of the global poor, with the ultimate objective of improving the standard of living in the world’s impoverished communities.

Hunt Institute makes available an immense knowledge base and latest research results for the success of this project.  Hunt Institute is the part of SMU to implement the scientific research onto the daily practice of life to improve the quality of life in much needed locations in the world.  SMU has more than full time 2000 staff and faculty serving 11,739 students in 106 B.Sc., 114 M.Sc. and 31 Ph.D. degrees.  SMU campus spreads on 234 acres with 107 buildings.  The campus hosts state of the art technology for top research and development.  Every year, hundreds of research articles are published by the faculty and graduate students in the Tier 1 Science Citation Index. 



GENINOV is an Engineering Services Company established in2009 in Haiti. It usually associates with GEO TECHSOL a Drilling Company for drilling services. The company Registration number with Secretary of Trade of Haiti is 000-634-207 -6. GENINOV and its associate have the necessary licenses and permits from the Department of Trade and Industry of Haiti to perform all the work related to above mentioned project.

This assignment will be undertaken by a team of international and local experts made available by Aim Texas (USA, Lead) – HI at Southern Methodist University (USA, consortium partner) – ISTEAH (Haiti, consortium partner) Consortium, led by Aim Texas.  Aim Texas has extensive international experience with many projects similar in nature completed in different countries and mostly through funding provided by the World bank.  Aim Texas has worked with many hundreds of International Experts, with multiple country experiences, on these projects from around the world.

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