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Aim Texas Trading, LLC specializes in;

& Environment

We involved in bulk treated and raw water transfer schemes. Such schemes have been evaluated… more

Management, Planning & Economics

Our work in this area includes the economic assessment of various options for our clients leading to the… more

& IT

To understand the rationale behind a GIS Demonstration Project, it is useful to distinguish between… more

& Energy

We use energy everyday. It surrounds us in different forms. Energy is easily converted from… more

Planning, Engineering & Supervising

Distinctions between occupational groups can introduce arbitrary boundaries… more

Feasibility Studies, Conceptual Design & Project Development

Development and verification of a generic framework for conceptual design is required in the early stages… more

Independent Check, Inspection
& Assessment

The completeness, integrity, and accuracy of all aspects of the engineering drawings are essential for accurate… more

Master Planning, Urban Design & Landscape Architecture

The design of an urban space must address a broad range of interrelated factors. It must express the delicate… more

Marine & Coastal Engineering

Assessment of environmental damages from the leaking oil and gas. Rigid and flexible pipeline design… more

& Land Transport Network

Planning of Transport Infrastructure Transportation Planning Drainage and Drainage Structures… more

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