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Shabran, Azerbaijan, January 23, 2016

The Azerbaijan National Solid Waste Management Strategy Development team of Aim Texas – ICP Joint Venture has arranged a site visit to prospective regional sanitary landfill site located in Waste Shed 1 – Shabran Waste Shed with attending of World Bank mission in January 23, 2016.

The wasteshed is located in northeast part of Azerbaijan to the north of Baku, and cover the entire Guba – Khachmaz economic and geographical region which is one 10 economic – geographical regions of the Country. The region comprises five rayons, Guba, Gusar, Khachmaz, Shabran, and Siyezen. The region is located partly in eastern part of Major Caucasus mountains along Baku- Moskov international highway.


It is situated in the north-eastern slopes of the Major Caucasus, between Caucasus Mountains and the Caspian Sea, on the line of the watershed. The main relief forms include the Caucasus Mountains, the side chain, inclined plain of Gusar, Shollar plain and Samur-Davachi (Shabran) lowland.

Oil, natural gas, shale, sand gravel, clay are major natural resources. The economic region has a dense river network and abundant water resources. The 10-11% of the area is covered by forests. Nabran-Yalama is the recreation zone. The agriculture is specialized in the production of vegetables and fruits. The oil and gas extraction (Siyezen) is the basis of heavy industry of this region.

Area 6,960 km2 – 8% of the Country
Forest 11% of total area
Population 518,400 by 2014
Urban 175,219 – 33.8% of total population
Rural 343,181 – 66.2% of Population
Main Economic Activities Agriculture, Fishing, Industry, Tourism, and handicrafts

Because of the landscape-climate conditions population is mainly concentrated in the coast with Caspian Sea.

The territory of the region can be divided into 4 zones with different altitudes (from 26 m below the sea level to 4466 m above the sea level);

  • plains,
  • foothills,
  • middle, and
  • high mountains.

The climate of the region is different in each zone. In plain zone the climate is hot, in mountain zone the climate is cold-humid and cold. In plain zone the climate is hot, in mountain zone the climate is cold-humid and cold.

Municipal Waste Generation in the region

According to recent waste surveys, the estimated waste generation capacity of the region is approximately 223 tonnes per day by 2015. Below is the breakdown of the waste amount by administrative districts (rayon) basis;

Rayons Waste Generation
t/day t/annum
Gusar 38 13,870
Guba 67 24,455
Khachmaz 78 28,470
Shabran 23 8,395
Siyezen 17 6,205
Total 223 81,395

The attendants to this event have first visited the deputy executive power of Shabran rayon to discuss the regional solid waste management system, and functions of the regional sanitary landfill.


From Left; Mr. L. Streff (Consultant), Mr. Frank Van Woerden (WB), Mr. H. Abdullayev (Deputy Head of PMT), Mrs. Kremena Ionkova (WB – Task Team Leader), Mr. H. Husynov (WB), Mr. Faig Sadigov (PMT), Ms. S. Cointreau (Consultant), Mr Tan (Consultant), Mr N. Husynagaoglu (consultant).


Mr. N. H.Agaoglu (consultant), Mr. L. Streff (Consultant), Ms. Cointreau, Aim Texas NSWMS team Leader, Ms. Kremena Iankova (WB – Task Team Leader)


From left; Mr. Hadji Huseynov (WB), Mr. Tan (Aim Texas NSWMS Team Leader), Mr. Frank Van Woerden (WB), Mr. Hedayet Abdullayev (Ministry of Economy – Deputy PMT Head)


From left; Mr. Frank Van Woerden (WB), Mr. Hadji Huseynov (WB), Mrs. Kremena Iankova (WB), Ms. Sandra Cointreau (Consultant), Mr. Ludwig Streff (Consultant), Mr. Nureddin Husynagaoglu (Consultant)

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