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Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, September 25, 2016

Aim Texas Trading, LLC Overseas Management Group has attended at a tender in providing consultancy services for Development of Road Safety Policy and Action Plan – 01 International Firm (TA-9137 MON-49139-001) in Mongolia. The technical assistance (TA) will assist the Government of Mongolia in developing a national road safety policy and supporting road safety action plans.

The consulting team is expected to produce the following outputs or deliverables:

(i) Mongolia road safety white paper,
(ii) national road safety policy and action plan,
(iii) road safety management capacity development,
(iv) information and communication technology (ICT)-based road crash database and crash investigation application, and
(v) knowledge products on national road safety policy and action plan and ICT

While economic growth has improved the quality of life and helped reduce the poverty rate, a rapid increase in mobility and the rate of motorization – without an effective road safety management – have led to growing road safety concerns in Mongolia. According to the latest National Traffic Police of Mongolia data published in 2015, 597 deaths were caused by traffic crashes in Mongolia in 2013—above the world average.

Rapid motorization and road expansion in Mongolia, especially in Ulaanbaatar, are expected to continue to exacerbate road safety problems. The social and nonquantifiable costs of road traffic deaths and injuries are expected to increase rapidly in Mongolia if the weak road safety policy remains.

The TA will adopt the principles and five pillars framework of the UN Decade of Action for Road Safety in developing a national roads safety policy and supporting action plan. The principles include:

i. a safety system approach,
ii. ownership at national and local levels, and
iii. an inclusive approach.

The national framework includes five pillars:

i. road safety management,
ii. safer road design,
iii. safer vehicles,
iv. safe road users, and
v. post-crash care.

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