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EBRD, September 16, 2016

Aim Texas has been awarded the Consultancy assignment – Batken Water sub-project, PIU Support, including Engineering, Design, and Contracts Supervision, to faciltate and improve water supply and wastewater system in Batken city, Kyrgyzstan, and invited for Contract Negotiation on September 16, 2016, by EBRD Technical Cooperation.

Following the evaluation exercise by City of Batken and EBRD for the engagement of a consultant for the above assignment, and subject to satisfactory clarifications and negotiations of contract details, Aim Texas Trading LLC has been selected for the award of the contract for this assignment.

The assignment will be executed in two phases, first phase of the Contract will comprise the detailed engineering design of the City’s water supply and wastewater network, preparation of BoQs and tender documents, establishing PIU for adequately managing the project by the Client, training the PIU and Batken Taza Suu municipal enterprise staff on procurement and financial applications and managing the project in accordance with the EBRD and FIDIC procedures, and preparation of tender evaluation reports; the second phase of the Contract will comprise the management of the Construction Contracts and Construction supervision activities in accordance with the FIDIC Red Book and EBRD procedures on behalf the Client and EBRD as Project Manager (Engineer).

The Contract will be a Time Based Contract, and be completed in 36 months, including Phase 1 and 2 activities.

Accordingly, the Contract negotiation has started between City of Batken, EBRD Technical Cooperation and Aim Texas.

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