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Sint Maarten, May 15, 2019

Aim Texas Consultants have arranged first site visit to Sint Maarten under WB Contract # 7191355 with attending of Team Leader of Sint Maarten ISWMS development team, and two team members. They had reconnaissance and walkthrough surveys in the island, holding meetings with WB team in the island, VROMI, and other stakeholders, including NGOs and CBOs. The Aim Texas team had also roadside consultations with the public and waste generators, i.e., households, commercial/industrial waste generators, hotels/resorts, restaurants, ports/marinas, airport, and beaches. The Consultant’s team had two site visits to MSW Dumpsite in Pond Island of Great Salt Pond in Philipsburg city (capital city of Sint Maarten).

The Aim Texas Consultants had also a site visit to the dumpsite in French part of the island with WB team, having meetings and consultations with the dumpsite operator company (Verde – IDEX) and French officials responsible for solid waste management in French side of the island.



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