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Dallas, TX, April 23, 2019 (Sint Maarten)

Aim Texas Trading, LLC has been awarded a contract by the World Bank for TA in developing Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategy of Sint Maarten under Sustainable Solid Waste Management Project of Sint Maarten. The Contract has commenced on April 23, 2019.

The island (a Caribbean SIDS) enjoys rapid economic growth by receiving millions of tourists every year while struggling with a weak municipal solid waste (MSW) management system. In the past decades, Sint Maarten faces challenge of lacking an efficient and sanitary waste management and disposal system, and the related financial and governance setup.
Under regular conditions Sint Maarten generates an estimated 120,000 tons per year of waste (about 329 tons per day), which is managed by the Ministry of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure (VROMI). The situation has been exacerbated since the Hurricane Irma hit the island on September 6, 2017, and destructed over 90% of its main infrastructures.
The objective of this assignment is to provide TA for the design of an integrated solid waste management (SWM) system in Sint Maarten, to assist with identifying quick-win solutions and long-team elements needed to develop the roadmap for establishing such a system for recommendation to the Government. The objective of the TA is to provide recommendations and advice to the waste management of Sint Maarten.

Scope of Work of the Assignment

a) A rapid assessment on waste collection, recycling, treatment, disposal and other services and two (2) pre-feasibility studies on recommended quick-win solutions: A rapid assessment will be carried out to provide strategic recommendations on technological solutions along the whole value chain of solid waste management for Sint Maarten. A list of quick-win solutions will also be suggested. Two pre-feasibility studies, considering various technical and non-technical aspects, will be undertaken on these solutions to guide investment decisions. This will also include the design of these facilities.
b) Legal and Policy Support: Advice will be provided to review the current legal and policy environment; the proposed law; options for financing; options for planning, regulatory frameworks; solid waste contracts and contractual law; licensing; ordinance and guidelines. The review will be done to identify short and long-term measures to support a sustainable policy and regulatory framework.
c) Financial Analysis and Cost-recovery Options Analysis: A budget assessment will be undertaken including evaluating the current budget allocation to solid waste; revenue sources and future costs of upgraded services and additional potential revenues sources from tariffs, fees, taxes and other sources. It will feed into the technical options and related costs and affordability for recommendation for consideration by the Government.
d) Regional Waste Market Study: To review and understand the market for recycling and disposal of various wastes and existing waste treatment facilities in the Caribbean, that Sint Maarten might be able to participate and divert certain streams of its wastes out of the country. This study would include recommendations for possible options not limited to, the logistics, prices and options for sale of separated waste, for payment for treatment services and for cooperative waste management agreements.

Aim Texas consultants will generate the following reports/studies under this TA.

1. A Consultancy Inception Report,
2. A quick-Win Report,
3. A Waste Data Report,
4. Two Feasibility Studies – the main topics will be agreed with World Bank team and the Government after generating Waste Data Report,
5. A Caribbean Region Waste Market Report,
6. A Country Solid Waste Sector Assessment Report, and
7. Integrated Solid Waste Management Strategy for the Country.

After Hurricane Irma Sint Maarten government accepted the pre-conditions set by Dutch Government for financial support. The Netherlands contracted the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (the World Bank) as an expert authority on redevelopment to manage the recovery via the “Reconstruction and Resilience Trust Fund”, which is comprised of a grant of €470 million. But, according to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) the rebuilding of Sint Maarten would require funding of an estimated US$ 2.3 billion. The main aim of the Netherlands’ support to Sint Maarten is to “support the material and non-material reconstruction and recovery of St Maarten wherever necessary, so as to restore vital infrastructure and sustainably boost the country’s resilience to the effects of possible future disasters, natural and otherwise”.
Among other emergency recovery projects that have been planned and currently being implemented, Emergency Debris Management Project with an estimated budget of US$ 25 million and Long-Term Waste Management Project (this project) with an estimated budget of US$ 35 million are programmed to be committed.

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