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Baku, Azerbaijan, October 20, 2014

Aim Texas Overseas Management Group has attended to the tender in October 20, 2014 for Consultancy Services for Annual Audits and Safeguards Compliance for Judicial Services & Smart Infrastructure Project (JSSIP) of Azerbaijan , posted on October 02, 2014 with DB reference No: WB4987-10/14.

The primary objectives of this assignment are to;

  • Verify, through audits and other appropriate means, project compliance with applicable safeguards;
  • Recommend remedial measures as needed and assess their implementation and efficacy, and;
  • Enable the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) of Azerbaijan, and JSSIP PIU to make timely decisions on remedial/corrective measures needed to ensure compliance with applicable safeguards and learn strategic lessons for future projects.

The JSSIP and its construction-related subprojects are subject to the following World Bank safeguard policies:

  1. OP/BP 4.12 Involuntary Resettlement
  2. OP/BP 4.11Physical Cultural Resources
  3. OP/BP 4.01 Environmental Assessment
  4. Sound International Standards and Practices, and
  5. Primary Applicable Local and National Environmental & Social Legislations

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