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Tbilisi, Georgia, July 07, 2018

Aim Texas Overseas Management Group (AIMOMG) has attended a tender for providing consultancy services for Construction Supervision of re-construction and rehabilitation of E60 Khevi-Ubisa Road Project (KURP/CS/QCBS-01) funded by ADB.

The project road is based in the Imereti region, one of the main historical, economic, cultural and educational regions of Georgia. It comprises an area of 6,600 sq. km (11 % of Georgia) with 700,000 inhabitants (16 % of Georgian population). Imereti is divided into two parts: Upper (Zelmo) and Lower (Kvemo) Imereti and lies in the central part of Georgia.

The government of Georgia has applied for financing from the Asian Development Bank (ADB) towards the cost of the Khevi-Ubisa Road Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this financing to procure consulting services for supervision of the construction of the Project. RD now wishes to engage a consulting engineering firm to function as supervision consultant to supervise the construction of Section F2 of the Khevi-Ubisa Road Project The total length of Section F2 is of 12.05 km (Dual Carriageway). The road passes across Kharagauli municipality. The villages located in the Kharagauli municipality, near the highway are: Tsitskiuri, Khunevi, Vertkichava and Boriti.

The Project Road includes 9 tunnels on carriageway TA (Tbilisi-Argveta), of which two are existing tunnels to rehabilitate, with total length of 4.3 km and 11 tunnels on carriageway AT (Argveta-Tbilisi) with total length of 5.0 km (including portal and cut and cover tunnels). There are two existing tunnels on carriageway TA, with total length 265 m. This project road also includes 18 bridges on TA carriageway with total length of 4.2 km and 17 bridges on AT carriageway with total length of 4.1 km.

The project road is to be constructed through a single civil works contract, procured in accordance with the new procurement framework as set out in ADB’s Procurement Policy for the procurement of goods, works, consulting services and non-consulting services (2017) and the Procurement Regulations for ADB Borrowers (2017). Civil works procurement is proceeding concurrently with finalizing financing for the project’s implementation and with selection of the construction supervision consultant.

The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure (MRDI) will be the project executing agency and the Roads Department (RD) will be the implementing agency. The civil works will be carried out in accordance with the detailed engineering design prepared by the Employer (RD).

Objectives of the Assignment

The primary objective of the consulting services is to assist RD to implement the project

• Proper management of civil works contract (the Contract) acting as “the Engineer” as defined in the civil works Contract (FIDIC MDB Harmonized 2010 edition), executing all rights and responsibilities of “the Engineer” including but not limited to advising the Employer on all matters concerning contract management (e.g. quality control, work progress, dispute resolution, etc.).
• Comprehensive supervision of project implementation activities carried out by the contractor to ensure compliance with the drawings, technical specifications and various stipulations contained in the contract documents, with high standards of quality assurance in supervision and in the execution of work.
• Provision of support to complete the work within the stipulated time for completion and allocated budget as much as practicable.

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