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Bolivia, March 24, 2019

Aim Americas led consortium has been shortlisted in the consultancy tender for providing Construction Supervision services for Extension of the Potable Water System – Villazon, Potosi (Bolivia) Project in consortium with Aguilar Asociados (Bolivia) whereas Aim Americas is the Lead Consultant. The Project supported by Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Ministry of Environment and Water (MMAyA) of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

The Plurinational State of Bolivia has received from the Inter-American Development Bank (the “Bank”) a loan to co-finance the cost of implementing the Program “Supervision of Works of the Project “Expansion of Drinking Water System Villazón, Potosí”.

The Ministry of Environment and Water, through the UCP-PAAP Executing Unit, intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this financing to eligible payments under the contract for which this Request for Proposal (SP) is issued. The RFP of this assignment has been addressed to the following shortlisted Consultants:

Consultant Firm / Associations Nationality
CAEM Ltda. Bolivia
ENGEVIX ENGENHARIA E PROJETOS S.A. (Succursal Bolivia) Bolivia
HYTSA – AETOS Argentina

A Consultant will be selected in accordance with the quality and cost-based Selection procedures and in the Simplified Technical Proposal (PTS) format as described in this SP and in accordance with the policies for selection and contracting of IDB-financed consulting services (GN-2350-9) which can be found on the following website:

In accordance with the objectives of the project “Expansion of the Villazón, Potosí Drinking Water System”, the following civil works are planned:

– Establishing water intake facility and headworks in streams north of the city (mountainous region),
– Raw water conveyor pipe-line,
– Sediment Trap Facility,
– A pumping station,
– Mechanical room with maintenance bay, storage facility, collection and valve chambers,
– A gravity transmission main up to Water Treatment Plant (32 km),
– Additional Drinking Water Reservoir for upgrading of existing drinking water storage capacity of system up to 2,600 cum/day,
– Instaling of 7.04 km of low voltage communication line
– Preparation of an Environmental Management/Monitoring Plan, ensuring that the required mitigation measures will also be in place during construction.

The Consultant will be responsible for:

• Review existing designs, and give recommendations,
• Ensure that all permits and rights of borrow materials are verified and approved by the relevant institutions, redlines of the RoWs are indicated by the relevant institutions,
• Ensure that all resettlement and land acquisition, and related compensations are completed prior to start of the work.
• Review the Contractor’s ESMP to ensure that it complies to the Bank’s safeguards policies,
• Coordinate all environmental and social measures with environmental consultant, to ensure that all measures and arrangements are in place prior to start of the works in site.

In general, the consultant will provide the following functions as Project Manager (Engineer):

• Participate all meetings related to work with the Contractor and the Employer,
• Prepare all site supervision documents such as work orders, material acceptance forms, and documentation, to ensure that all construction works carried out in site are complied with the technical specifications and standards,
• Verify the Contractor’s construction methodology,
• Supervise and approve each step of the construction process during the work,
• Support PIU during construction for all communication, documentation and consultation process, to ensure that all works in site are complied with the technical specifications and standards,
• Propose solutions and obtain the approval of the PIU to guide and authorize the Contractor on the changes and change orders to be made in the construction of the works,
• Keep under control the Contractor’ staff comply safety measures during the works,
• Review and approve the Environmental Monitoring Reports submitted by the Contractor,
• Participate in the administrative meetings, draw up minutes and provide copies of minutes of meetings thereof to the attendees,
• Keep under control the work contracts, to ensure that the deadlines will be met, if it is seen a delay, give notice to the contractor to revise the work plan,
• Maintain the effective communication with Contractor and PIU,
• Maintain harmonious relations with local authorities and central government delegations, as well as with the Departmental Delegation,
• In coordination with PIU, meet the information requirements on the project that may be presented by the local authorities,
• Keep a photographic record on the progresses of the project, that will allow to document and record of the incidents, etc., during the course of the project,
• Analyze technically, financially and programmatically the execution of the works contract and prepare for PIU the reports that are necessary on the additional works or decreases in the scope of works that it considers essential for the correct execution and operation of the works, presenting the studies, cost analysis and deadlines necessary for its approval and execution,
• Analyze the requests for modifications of time, deadlines and changes of materials and scope of work proposed by THE CONTRACTOR and recommend to PIU for their acceptance or rejection with the corresponding justification,
• In coordination with the CONTRACTOR, prepare the proposals for Change Orders and additions and give them course before PIU when they are justified, managing and justifying before it, and sign and approve these changes, as the case may be,
• Receive, check and approve the payments submitted by the Contractor, supplementing it with a calculation report that supports the amounts to be paid,
• Check the quality test of the materials that are submitted by the Contractor, to ensure that all are met the requirements of technical specifications,
• Provisional and Final acceptance of the work carried out by the Contractor.

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