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Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, April 22, 2016

The “Full Technical Proposal” and “Financial Proposal” for providing consultancy for the assignment of TCS ID 45975 Kyrgyz Republic – Batken Water and Wastewater Rehabilitation – PIU Support Including Engineering, Design and Contracts Supervision, has been submitted in April 22, 2016 in Bishkek before local time 14.00 by the Aim Texas Kyrgyz representation.

The 2009 Census showed that the Batken city had a population of 19,718. According to official statistics, this had increased to 28,667 by 1 January 2014. At this time, there were 6,153 households in Batken City, giving an average household size of 4.7 persons. This population figure includes people who are registered in Batken, but work in other locations, particularly in Russia.

In 2009, Batken City had an almost equal number of men and women and 58% of the population was of working age (16-59 years for men and 16-55 years for women), 36% below working age and 6% above working age.

There are two company which administer and manage the water and wastewater systems seperately in the city. While Batken Taza Suu (BTS) manages the water supply system, Batken Sanitation Company (BSC) manages the wastewater system in the city. However, theToR says that the merger ofthese two companies will be conducted before the Project starts.

The Project is expected to finance the following priority investments:


  • Water and wastewater network replacement and civil works:
  • Water/wastewater equipment and building works
  • Meter equipment and installation
  • Leak detection equipment and repairs
  • Chlorination and laboratory equipment

According to ToR of this assignment, the Consultant shall perform the following main tasks:

  1. Overall project management support as required;
  1. Design the works and prepare technical specifications for goods;
  1. Arrangement of preparation of the prequalification, if any, and tender documents for procurement of works and goods;
  1. Arrangement of the tendering procedure for works and goods, including evaluation of tenders and drafting tender evaluation reports;
  1. Administration of contract implementation including, where appropriate, works supervision or assisting  with works supervision; and,
  1. Arrangement of timely disbursements under the contracts.

The Consultant will prepare Inception, Quarterly and Final Reports and an Exit Strategy to be delivered to the Company and the EBRD, including Bidding Documents and provide pre-construction services and supervise the construction contract(s).

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