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Baku, October, 2012

The Collection Program Design Report (CPDR) for the Greater Baku Area, which is a part of Integrated Solid Waste Management Project (ISWMP) of Azerbaijan, has been finalized and submitted to the Government of Azerbaijan by Aim Texas Trading LLC’s Azerbaijan representative. This part of the project was directly related to Component D of  ISWMP to support the project preparation efforts for providing urgent collection equipment for underserved Baku districts.

According to recent population projection of Strategic Plan Consultant (SPC), the population figure of the Greater Baku Area is 3,288,000 by 2010. However, according to State Statistical Committee (SSC)  of Azerbaijan, this figure is 2,386,176 for the Greater Baku area, including refugees. The area houses a respectable number of refugees (mandatory immigrants and fugitives – MIF) which is 275,786 in total (SSC of Azerbaijan, 2010). Within Greater Baku city, the level of comfort of housing should be even higher given that the capital city accommodates 53 % of the highest and 34% of the fourth wealth quintile of the national population. In the Greater Baku about 598,132 vehicles are registered that this equals to 60.9% of total vehicles registered in Azerbaijan.


The area of study includes the headquarters of Republic of Azerbaijan, a large number of institutional and medical facilities, significant commercial and industrial influence, touristic and resort complexes and a wide range of universities and colleges. More than 702,000 registered householders, 114 hotels, 116 multi-purpose hall and complexes (wedding halls and large scale restaurants), 327 light and 918 heavy industrial facilities, 394 medical facilities, and 770 schools, colleges and kinder gardens exist in the Greater Baku metropolitan area. ‘’



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