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Baku, Azerbaijan, March 09-10, 2016

Staff training for environmental and social safeguards compliance for Azerbaijan Judicial Services and Smart Infrastructure Project (JSSIP) has been completed in Poeny Hall of Kempinski Hotel Badamdar, Baku with attending of specialists and staff from JSSIP PIU, Ministry of Justice, Construction contractors of the court complexes, and staff from the construction design company.

Following staff are trained in two day training sessions by Consultant’s trainers, who are fllows;

  • Abdurrahim Tan, International Consultant, Sr, Environmental & Social Safeguards Specialist, AIMOMG
  • Javid Murtuzov, National Consultant, Social Specialist, AIMOMG
  • Aytan Dunyamalisoy, National Environmental Consultant, Environmental Specialist, AIMOMG
  • Hikmat Akbarov, National Consultant, Resettlement Specialist, AIMOMG
Staff trained Organization
1 Iltimas Shabandayev, Civil Engineer JSSIP -PIU
2 Vusal Gurbanlı, Sr. Procurement Officer JSSIP -PIU
3 Cafer Alekberov, Environmemtal Specialist JSSIP -PIU
4 Havva Nisa Huseynova, Environmental Specialist JSSIP -PIU
5 Vatan Ahmedov, Social Specialist JSSIP -PIU
6 Rasim Agabalayev, Technical Supervisor JSSIP -PIU
7 Ismayil Resulov, Environmental Specialist Afgan Firm – Contractor, Sumgait Court complex
8 Anar Aliyev, Environmental Specialist El-Seym Inshaat, Contractor, Narimanov
9 Fikret Agayev, Environmental Specialist El-Seym Inshaat, Contractor, Surakhani
10 Seyid Ahmad Miriyev, Design Expert MDM LLC, Design Contractor of JSSIP


This training program sought to provide an understanding of the basis for the safeguards that applicable to the JSSIP and the manner by which safeguard compliance has to be achieved to assure that all related potential social and environmental issues are prevented or immediately corrected if they should occur. To that end, the training program also sought to provide the JSSIP Project Management Unit (PIU) and other stakeholders with information and increased knowledge concerning the:  

  • Basis for and nature of the World Bank safeguards framework,
  • Description of the safeguards that have been determined to be specifically applicable to the JSSIP,
  • Description of the various activities and issues that are relevant to each of the applicable safeguards which must be monitored by the MOJ and its PIU for ongoing compliance,
  • Procedures by which safeguard compliance can be effectively monitored and managed throughout the execution of Component B of the JSSIP, and
  • Process by which any non-compliant issues are addressed and remedied to prevent major social and environmental damage as a result of the JSSIP.

The fundamental content of this training manual is supported with the information contained in a number of other reference sources including:

  • The JSSIP Environmental Management Plan (EMP) dated September 12, 2013
  • The JSSIP Resettlement Policy Framework (RPF) date September 2013
  • The World Bank Involuntary Settlement Sourcebook dated 2004
  • The World Bank Physical Cultural Resources Safeguard Policy Guidebook dated March 2009


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