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Baku, Azerbaijan, December 26, 2014

Aim Texas Overseas Management Group has been selected as the most qualified and experienced firm in accordance with the decision of the Tender Commission of the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) of Azerbaijan to perform consultancy services for “Annual Audits of Safeguards Compliance“. 

Although the Project will be completed within the next four years period from early 2015 to end of 2018, the Terms of Reference (TOR) is foreseen that the initial contract is expected to be for a one-year period. The contract may be extended on an annual basis, with extensions/renewals being dependent on consultant performance including timely submission of high-quality deliverables and responsiveness to the Ministry of Justice and the World Bank.

The assignment will be performed in two phases, which are;

  • Phase 1: Planning & Engagement

This phase will be an important preparatory planning phase.

Objective of Phase 1;

  • To determine the extent and level of previous works carried out related to the project.
  • To discuss a number of issues with the Client and other principal stakeholders, which are raised during the implementation period of the construction in each of the sub-project sites, and to incorporate these issues in implementation plan, if thought useful.
  • To held initial meetings with the Client and other principal stakeholders.
  • To provide a detailed proposal for audits and identify critical areas and next steps summarizing the findings, and including a detailed work plan, schedule, organizational arrangements, team, audit report template and checklist, and budget for the assignment including for the Safeguard Compliance Completion Audit and Training Workshop.


  • Phase 2: Annual Audits and Safeguards Compliance


  • To provide independent assessment of environmental and social safeguards implementation and impacts mitigation, identifying implementation problems or gaps and propose specific corrective actions to the JSSIP PIU with a copy to the World Bank Task Team Leader;
  • To verify results of internal monitoring, and to suggest adjustments of delivery mechanisms and procedures as required, and
  • To audit safeguard compliance activities in accordance with WB and government safeguards policies.

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