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Industry & Energy

We use energy everyday.  It surrounds us in different forms.  Energy is easily converted from one form to another.  This is an important and very useful property, because we rarely produce energy using the same device, or in the same form as what is needed for the task at hand. But, not all forms of energy can be easily stored or transported.

Non-renewable Energy
Much of our energy supply comes from coal, oil, natural gas, or radioactive elements. They are considered non-renewable because once they are removed from the ground and used, they are not immediately replaced. In fact, the world’s natural gas, crude oil and coal deposits took millions of years to form.

Renewable Energy
Renewable energy comes from the natural fl ow of sunlight, wind, or water around the Earth. With the help of special collectors, we can capture some of this energy and put it to use in our homes and businesses.

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