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Rail Transportation

Rail transport makes highly efficient use of space: a double-tracked rail line can carry more passengers or freight in a given amount of time than a four-lined road. As a result, rail transport is often the major form of public transport in many countries. Commercially, rail transport has had a mixed record.

All of the components of a rail system should be functional and working in harmony for an efficient public or freight transportation. Addressing as a whole, the planning of the system, the establishment, operation and maintenance are critical and require constant control. Some of the details we pay attention for a perfect sysrem are historical development of the rail system in the country of interest, station design, filming the vehicles, warehouses, maintenance workshops, rail road components, infrastructure, drainage systems, bridges, art structures, tunnels, electrification, signaling, train control, operating systems, communication, lifts, escalators and, water pumps and ventilation systems. View PDF